This is my budgies and an Indian Ring Neck, Chappy, Happy and Blue’s page.

Chappy came to our place 04 April 2013 and Happy came here November 2013 when there were babies. They are still very young. Since then they are very good friends. 

Yellow Chappy was our most beloved bird. Beautiful budgie. She was kind, caring, and so friendly. A couple of time we had to change her partner but she was always good with any friend. The first year, she had a lot of fun memories. Last half year, she was suffering “from too many eggs” problem. She still enjoyed her life with Happy and Blue sometimes. We couldn’t save her. Very sorry for Chappy…..

Current Chappy (Joined us 01 October 2014)


Last Chappy (Passed away on 29 September 14 unexpectedly. R.I.P. )


Barcode Happy


Last Happy (Unfortunately flew away)


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