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We had a very sad story in the city yesterday. A couple of hostages are killed and some people were injured by a gunman in a popular cafe. Today a lot of people visited the place and prayed for the victims.

Japanese Retail Shop Uni Qlo

I visited UNI QLO Sydney for the first time. A bit expansive than in Japan. But range of nice design clothing.

Izakaya – Japanese pub

Went to Japanese Izakaya in the city. Looked real. Food and drinks were very good, too.

From a piece of photo

There is a videos I created with my photos From a piece of photo


Ordinary flowers

Rainy Day

Outside was rainy and very foggy yesterday. Flowers were vet this morning.

Winter flowers

Recent flowers

Cold Night Moon

The moon was crescent and very bright tonight.

Cockatoo eating a spiky ball

A cockatoo was eating a spiky ball. I wondered if it was not hurting.

On the way home

Arrive at the local station around sunset time. After a half an hour sky became really red. From the train station Sunset and Horse