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Night Kookaburra

Kookaburra suddenly appeared in midnight!

Wild Flowers

Some of the flowers found on the street It’s in the summer weather last a couple of days. Lots of wild flowers on the street.

Night at Gold Coast

Stunning Night View at Gold Coast From Holiday Apartment Window From Riverside in the middle of the town

Birds after Rainy Day

Birds are so happy after the rainy day on the damp ground ! There were a couple of rainy days. In the Saturday morning, grounds were all wet. Normally, local soccer games are played but on this day, all cancelled. Instead a lot of birds were playing, pecking, and eating something on the ground. Magpie… Read more »

Little Swallows on Soccer Goal

Here are little Cute Swallows! There are bunch of swallows flying around soccer field in the Saturday morning. It’s the day from kids to adult all play soccer games. Local parks are filled with soccer people. Those swallows were doing whatever they wanted to do and there were ones with some funny poses. They are… Read more »

Tram’s Tunnel

Tram’s Tunnel It’s very unusual to see tunnels whole through. And it was at night. Had to be very quick.

Twilight Time

Sunset time is getting earlier. After 5:00 pm it’s getting darker already. Around 6:00pm, it’s dark like at night. This is riverside twilight time.

Evening Scenes

Evening Scenes in my neighbor

Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe

This cafe is located at Rocks, Sydney. “Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe” The famous seashell chocolate’s cafe. They have a lot of yummy chocolate dessert and chocolate drinks. Very relaxed atmosphere in Sydney’s popular historic area, Rocks.

Morning Riverside

Sunrise time has past but still calm morning atmosphere.