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City’s Waterfalls

Waterfalls at a Big office building’s front yard

Night at a Pub

Empty pub in the middle of the city at night!! This is not “abandoned” or “ruin” or the sort. (Oh, I love those photos, serene and very sad atmosphere 😥…) This is an old PUB. In Sydney’s CBD and Saturday night. I was stunned nobody upstairs. Ground flower was very busy and we had a… Read more »

Rainy Day’s Cockatoos

Backyard Cockatoo Eating Seed Bar Cockatoos came to the backyard in the rainy Sunday afternoon. One cockatoo took whole the seed bar and didn’t want to share.

One Flower

Just single flower on the hedge plant This is hedge plant. There are very tiny flowers (only a few millimetres) on them. I don’t know that they are…

Australian Bird Guide

Nice information about Australian birds (in Japanese) Australian bird information was published in local Japanese paper. All the bird photos (except Eastern Rosellas) are taken by me.

Magpie on the Tree

Little bit smaller type (?)

More Cockatoos

Bunch of Cockatoos were in the park again

Pretty heart shaped leaves

Very tiny heart shaped leaves in the bush

Aerial View in Sydney Harbour

Dynamic Aerial View from airplane Before boarding on the plane This view was from airplane on the way to Gold Coast from Sydney early in the morning.

Happy Easter

Pretty Easter flower pot I found this pretty daffodil’s flower pot at the local supermarket. Very cute for Easter. And our parrot started eating Easter Bunny, so we gave it to her.