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Riverside Sunset

Sunset on the riverside. Beautiful again Went to the usual riverside but a little different location. Beautiful sunset with nice background.

The sky from the window

Nice Day to watch the sky I visited a house where I could see the nice sky all day. Mid day – cartoon like clouds In the evening

Sunset at Darling Harbour

Beautiful Harbour’s Sunset again I just saw reddish sky over the city buildings, so I visited Sydney’s Darling Harbour again. It was colourful and very pretty.

Darling Harbour’s evening

Beautiful Darling Harbour’s evening The daytime is getting slightly longer. It’s getting darker around 6:00pm but not as early as some time ago. The evening sky was calm at Darling Harbour, Sydney.

Beautiful Sunset

Just before sun was set down Just before sun set, beautiful and nostalgic scene. Waterside sunset is always beautiful.

Sunset over the river

Beautiful sunset time and after sunset today Slightly cloudy, there was a beautiful sunset time. After sunset, the riverside view changes dramatically.

Sunset Over the water

Cloudy day’s dramatic sunset It’s been rainy most of the day. Around sunset time, sky still try to show bright reddish colour in the end of the day. Couple of shots in the sunset time

After Sunset

Cold Winter Evening Just after sunset, which is only around 5:00 pm. Very cold. Sky was clear and sunset colour was beautiful.

Beautiful Twilight Time

Beautiful City’s Sky in the evening Very nice sunset today. After sunset, the sky colour changes beautifully. Twilight time in Sydney Darling Harbour was very nice today.

Neighbor’s Sunset

The sun has gone but beautiful twilight was remained. Just from outside my place. The sunset time was over just after 5:30 pm. But sky kept beautiful twilight color. So pretty!