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New Year’s Day’s sunset

First Sunset this year I couldn’t take first sunrise. This is the first sunset in this year. A bit cloudy at the end of the sunset.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! 2016 started This is from yesterday, New Year’s Eve. Last sunset in 2015 and New Year’s Eve fireworks.

City’s Sunset

City’s sunset time. It’s about 8:00. Long day time Opera House Overlook Luna Park

Sunset Over the River

Beautiful Sunset after a long time I went to see the riverside sunset after some time. It was cloudy but the hazy color of he sun light was very pretty. The delicate sun ray before going to the riverside Just before sun was going down After Sunset

Cloudy Day

Cloudy sunset after the hot day The day was hot but get very cool in the evening. Sun’s gone very quickly, too.

Sunset sky and rainbow

Beautiful sunset sky and rainbow It was a super hot day. Suddenly getting cooler and strated stormy weather in the evening. Then the last minutes of the sunset, the sky turned red dramatically. There was even a rainbow.

Sunset Time

Hot Day’s Sunset Time It was very hot day yesterday. Nerly 40℃.It’ll be more then 40℃ today. Suddenly hot summer has come. Sunset time was not so bad. Nice sky, too. Before sunset Around Sunset Time After Sunset

Sunset Time

Funny stuff over the sunset sky Fish in the sunset Sun is still very strong!

Beautiful Sunset

Beautiful and Dramatic Sunset evening

Morning and Evening at Gold Coast

Sunrise time and sunset time are always beautiful. Here in Gold Coast, it was stunning Sunrise Time Sunset Time