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Beautiful Riverside Sunset

Blue time after Sunset Just after sunset time, Blur Hour is a very beautiful time. Still sunset sky colours are there and deep blue cover the whole sky before getting completely dark.

After Sunset Time

Sunset time is getting early and winter is approaching Last Sunday evening at my neighbour river. We’ve just changed the clock from summer time to winter time (normal time) in the early morning on this day. Sunset time is about 5:40 pm now. Getting dark so quickly after that. Winter is approaching. Just around sunset… Read more »

Sunset over the hill

Beautiful sunset over the hill

Sydney Evening Scene

From Sunset time to Dusk hour Sun is setting over the hill Opera house just after sunset Turn to the pink sky Cityscape changing colours

Sydney Harbour in the evening

Beautiful Sydney’s Evening I arrived just around sunset time. The cloudy sky was getting darker. At the overseas passenger terminal in Sydney Circular Quay, there was a huge passenger ship docked. It was nearly the time to leave. Early in the evening A huge passenger ship had just departed. Getting darker

Beautiful Riverside Sunset

It was such a beautiful sunset over the river with rocks

Beautiful sunset over the river

Dramatic and beautiful sunset

Dramatic Sunset Time

Sunset after the rainy day It was a rainy afternoon. Rain started so suddenly and became like a strong shower. It stopped in the evening. The clouds parted in the sky and showed blue sky. Above Sydney Opera house, there was a early sunset clouds. Very beautiful and dramatic scene.

Sunset Plane

Sunset Time from Aero Plane Sun was setting behind. It was soon getting dark. A moment beautiful orange shaded plane.

Dramatic Sunset

Some Dramatic Effect for the Sunset photos This is another day. Different way to present sunset.