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Sunset over the River

Sunset light reflection was beatufiul Sepia colour version of above photo:

River side Sunset

River bank was lit by the sunset lights beatufiully The sun was setting on the other side Boat on the shore Twilight rocks Under the train bridge

Riverside Sunset

Young Cormorant was drying its wings on the pole. Sort of comical 🙂 Sunset Time After Sunset

Evening Opera House

Sydney Harbour in the Sunset Time Opera House in the sunset time Sydney Harbour Bridge with French Flag

Beautiful sunset over the hill

Beautiful Sunset from the hill

Sydney Harbour in Blue Hour

Harbour Bridge and North Sydney in Blue Hour After sunset time from an old pub’s roof top

Sunset over Anzac Bridge

Beautiful sunset moment over Sydney’s Anzac Bridge Sunset time over Sydney city After sunset over Anzac Bridge

Sunset ~ Blue Hour on the River

Nearby sunset scene till blue hour and completely dark Our neighbour Sunset from the bridge over Parramatta River While Sun was setting After Sunset

After sunset towards Sydney Harbour

Beautiful Pink Hour at Sydney harbout After sunset everything turned to pink Then turn to purplish

Beautiful Morning in Gold Goast

Around sunrise time in Gold Coast beach was so betuiful Before sunrise time Sunrise Time Just after sunrise Beautiful Morning Beach View