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Golden Grass

Golden glow grass flowers in the sunset lights

Morning Blue Hour and Evening Blue Hour

Blue Hours come both in the evening and morning Before Sunrise Morning Blue Hour Then Sunrise Time Sunset Time Evening Blue Hour

Sunset over the Hill

Beatuiful twilight sky over the town


Dramatic Sunset

Sydney Harbour Blue Hour

Sky turn to blue and getting darker

Sydney Harbor Sunset

From Gladesville Bridge, Gladesville NSW on 29 Oct 16 Around Sunset Time Blue Hour Getting Darker

Sunset – Twilight Time

After sunset, the sky started glowing in the gentle pink

Gold Coast Sunset/Sunrise

Beatutiful sunset and sunrise time at Gold Coast Beach After Sunset 25 Oct 17 Blue Hour (Before Sunrise) – 26 Oct 16 Sunrise Time – 26 Oct 16 Before Sunrise – 27 Oct 17 Sunrise Time 27 Oct 17

Beautiful Sunset – Twilight time

Dramatic clouds made beautiful sunset sky Just before sun was setting After Sunset Blue Hour

Dramatic Sunset

Dramatic Clouds Movement over the town And the twilight moon…