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Afternoon Sun

There was a find day. The sun in the afternoon was very strong.

Clouds from Plane

Plane flew above clouds. Clouds below as stunning.

Sunset and Sunrise at Gold Coast

Sunset at Gold Coast Sunrise at Gold Coast

Some Beautiful Sunset and Sunrise

Recent Sunrise, Moon and Sunset

Still bright moon

A couple of days later, the moon is still big. This is in the morning.

Sunrise after long rainy days

Beautiful Sunrise

Another Super Moon Day

The third Super Moon day in this year. And Moon Festival Day in some Asian countries.

Moon from last night

It is rainy all day today. I can not see any moon today. This is from yesterday. Getting bigger again.

On the way home, Sunset, Moon

On the way home, sunset and moon

Sun Rays

In between rains, sun rays were so strong. Astonishing.