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Beautiful Sunset and Moon

Cloudy days continues. But once in a while we can see a beautiful cloudy sunset with beautiful colors. Moon was beautiful, too though it was not full yet.


Today’s sunrise. No clouds at all. It’s a bit boring.

Morning Riverside

Sunrise time has past but still calm morning atmosphere.

Above the Clouds

From airplane. Up above the sky and clouds.

Half Moon

Half Moon yesterday. Very clear. With Sunset Clouds With Branches

Moon in the morning

Moon with sunrise sky color

Moon today

It was a clear sky. So different from yesterday. Moon was very shiny.

Red Moon Night

Clouds were too sick and couldn’t see the moon at the very red moment. They are at the beginning (about 8:30 pm) yesterday.

Beautiful Morning Sun

Morning Sun on the riverside

Crying Sky

One of our budgies pass away at the vet yesterday. This is the sky from the vet when we pick her up. The sky was crying.