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Sunrise Sky

Cloudy morning sunrise sky was just like beautiful sunset!

Twilight Time

Sunset time is getting earlier. After 5:00 pm it’s getting darker already. Around 6:00pm, it’s dark like at night. This is riverside twilight time.

Morning Park

I run around the park early in the morning. It’s been long since the last time. It was very good.

M for the Moon

I haven’t see the full moon in this position long time.

The Moon

Half Moon. Clear in the sky.

Full Moon day

The Full Moon day a few day ago. Sky was clear despite all the clouds during the day.

Strange Sun Ray and Moon

This is from yesterday. There was a strange sun ray from nearly setting sun. The opposite was a big moon with sunset clouds.

Thin Moon

Very thin moon.

Sydney’s Night

Sydney Opera House at night. The moon was very shinny, too.

Afternoon Sun

Cloudy but sun was very strong