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Gold Coast Sunset/Sunrise

Beatutiful sunset and sunrise time at Gold Coast Beach After Sunset 25 Oct 17 Blue Hour (Before Sunrise) – 26 Oct 16 Sunrise Time – 26 Oct 16 Before Sunrise – 27 Oct 17 Sunrise Time 27 Oct 17

Beautiful Sunset – Twilight time

Dramatic clouds made beautiful sunset sky Just before sun was setting After Sunset Blue Hour

Half Moon (10 Sep 16)

Clear half moon day

Dramatic Sunset

Dramatic Clouds Movement over the town And the twilight moon…

River side Sunset

River bank was lit by the sunset lights beatufiully The sun was setting on the other side Boat on the shore Twilight rocks Under the train bridge

Full Moon 18 Aug 2106

August’s Full Moon 18 August 2016 In the morning two days later

Strawberry Moon (20 Jun 2016)

Strawberry Moon (Full Moon on the Summer Solstice Day Here it’s winter though…. On the night The Day After

Gibbous Moon

Beautiful Gibbous Moon

Australian Morning Bush

Australian Bush in the beatiful morning sun We don’t have big forests or woods in Australia. Mostly Bushes. This is a morning time with blessing sun in the bushland.

Beautiful Morning in Gold Goast

Around sunrise time in Gold Coast beach was so betuiful Before sunrise time Sunrise Time Just after sunrise Beautiful Morning Beach View