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Before Sunset Time

No more smoky air any more. It was a very clear day. No clouds at all in the sky in the evening. A bird with long shadow Before Sunset Time – the sun was very strong in the absolutely blue sky

Smoky Day’s Sun, Sunset, and Moon

There was a bushfire somewhere today. Afternoon air smelled strong smoke. The sky was very smoky. Sun’s shape could be seen with bare eyes covered with smoky air. Sunset sky was OK. Probably I was watching non-smoky direction. The moon was smeared with smoke and shone with fuzzy yellow light. Smoky Sun at about 3:00… Read more »

Summer Time Sun

We change the clock to “Summer Time” last weekend. It means time is one hour ahead than before. The sunset time is getting late towards summer but because of the time change, it gets even later. Around Christmas time the sun doesn’t set till after 8:00 pm. Very bright Christmas. Snow? No way! Almost 6:00… Read more »

Hot Hot Day’s Sun

After the cool moon night, the sun was very hot on the following day. It was extremely hot yesterday. Temperature soared up nearly 40°C. Evening was still very hot. The sun was working very hard.   The sky around 5:30 pm yesterday

Crescent Moon

There was a thin and very bright Moon last night after a long hot day. “The moon is a silver pin-head vast, That holds the heaven’s tent-hangings fast.” by William R. Alger