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Christmas Carols Night

There was a Christmas Market and Carols in the school yard last night. It was a bit event and everyone enjoyed. Christmas Carols were beautiful. School Yard’s Decorations

Already Tired before Christmas

There are Christmas decorations everywhere. Three dogs in the local supermarket looked so tired.

Christmas is coming soon

There are a lot of Christmas decorations everywhere. Christmas is coming soon! Shopping Center’s Ceiling Christmas Decoration

Fireworks Night

Last night was not a New Year’s Eve. But there were big fireworks on Sydney Harbor. It was for the International Fleet Review in celebration of Australia’s Navy. I didn’t stay on the main area but still could see some nice fireworks.

Moon Rabbit

Moon Festival, or Mid-Autumn Festival last night.  There was a bright full moon in the sky.  It’s a special event in Asian culture. –> Mid-Autumn Festival This is the Photo from last night. In my country people make small rice cakes (dumplings) like little balls to offer to the moon and eat watching the moon on… Read more »