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Sydney Royal Easter Show

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2016! Annual event, Royal Easter show was on. It was originally agricultural event. They show a lot of farm animals. Cute chicks Some farm birds Wood chopping conpetition

Australia Day 26 Jan

First Holiday after New Year! Australia Day is a big holiday. Several Event in many places. At the Harbour – some air plane demonstrations At a Pub In the City

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! 2016 started This is from yesterday, New Year’s Eve. Last sunset in 2015 and New Year’s Eve fireworks.

Full Moon on the Christmas Day

Special Christmas Full Moon It was a special full moon day. The first time since since 40 years ago. The sky was overcast but moon came out once in a while luckily. Thick clouds, still beautiful Big full moon came out

Neighbor’s Christmas Display – Christmas Eve –

Neighbour’s beautiful Christmas Decoration Christmas was over but just keep this beautiful display in here. And the moon day before full moon

Christmas Light in the city

Christmas Lights all in the city Pitt Street Mall Martin Place Gift Tower Lindts Cafe memorial light reflection (just a year past…)

Christmas Water Fall

Christmas Tree and Water Fall This water wall lit up in Christmas color with Christmas Tree. I personally like natural waterfall color but this is a Christmas time and everything is Christmas color.

Pet Parrot and Christmas Tree

Our pet parrot loves Christmas Tree!

State Theatre Sydney

Beautiful old theatre in Sydney! Peter Cetera (used to be Chicago’s member) came to Sydney. Younger people might not know him but some tunes like “Hard to say I am sorry” or “Glory of Love” would be very familiar even now. The concert was amazing with Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Couldn’t believe he’s 71 y/o. Photos… Read more »

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms in the Japanese Garden Japanese Garden arranged Cherry Blossoms trees very well. They had Cherry Blossoms festival. Now it’s a bit over the season. Still some flowers look OK and over all they still decorate pinkish in the garden.