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Fence Art

Fence with flowers and birds Railway fence with yellow weed flowers Canal fence with Spotted Dove

The House Next Door

Very old house next door – Paradise of Australian Fauna and Flora Cloudy Day Sunny Day

Sydney Harbor Sunset

From Gladesville Bridge, Gladesville NSW on 29 Oct 16 Around Sunset Time Blue Hour Getting Darker

Sunset – Twilight Time

After sunset, the sky started glowing in the gentle pink

Riverside Paradise (26 Sep 16)

On the riverside in the middle of the city, there was a paradise Beautiful View just like a paradies at Nerang River at Cascade Gardens, Gold Coast QLD Australia Flowers Sunset over the river side Paradise

Gold Cast Beaches

Emerald Green Ocean, White Sand, Long Beach at Gold Coast From Accommodation Window (25 Sep 16) Broad Beach (26 Sep 16) From look-out at Currumbin Beach (27 Sep16)

Gold Coast Sunset/Sunrise

Beatutiful sunset and sunrise time at Gold Coast Beach After Sunset 25 Oct 17 Blue Hour (Before Sunrise) – 26 Oct 16 Sunrise Time – 26 Oct 16 Before Sunrise – 27 Oct 17 Sunrise Time 27 Oct 17

Aerial View, Sydney and Gold Coast (25 Sep 16)

Views from Aeroplane, Sydney and Gold Coast Sydney Gold Coast

Beautiful Sunset – Twilight time

Dramatic clouds made beautiful sunset sky Just before sun was setting After Sunset Blue Hour

Japanese Garden

Auburn Botanic Gardens, Japanese Garden Last time was cloudy. On the first day of spring (1 Sep) was fine day. Very lucky. Female peacock