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Phone Shot

Shot by iPhone5 Sydney QVB Sydney Town Hall Cafe Once Upon a Time

Cloudy Morning River

Very Cloudy day at the riverside

Chinese Garden, Sydney

Sydney’s Chinese Garden, beautiful with waterfalls Chinese Tea Room in the garden

City’s Night

Colourful and quiet night scenes The Strand Arcade, Sydney Sydney’s street at night In a quiet pub (The Metropolitan Hotel, Sydney)

City’s Waterfalls

Waterfalls at a Big office building’s front yard


Some Fence Scenes Duranta flowers sticking out of the fence Canal’s fence


Dramatic Sunset

Sydney Town Hall

Town Hall, Jacaranda, Christmas Tree, Summer Christmas This is inside hall

Sydney Harbour Blue Hour

Sky turn to blue and getting darker

Night at a Pub

Empty pub in the middle of the city at night!! This is not “abandoned” or “ruin” or the sort. (Oh, I love those photos, serene and very sad atmosphere 😥…) This is an old PUB. In Sydney’s CBD and Saturday night. I was stunned nobody upstairs. Ground flower was very busy and we had a… Read more »