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Morning River

23 Jan 2018 And morning park 28 Jan 2018 04 feb 2018

Sunset over Sydney Harbour

From Sydney Harbour Bridge From Circular Quay station

Sunset over the River

Very dramatic sunset sky

Morning River

Jacaranda and Birds

Jacaranda season with a lot of birds (superb fairy-wren, Noisy miner, Indian Mynah, New Holland Honey Eater, etc) 11 November 2017


Before Sunrise, nearby riverside

After Sunset at Riverside

Parramatta River at Meadowbank Parramatta River at Gladesville

End year Sunrise and Sunset

Sunrise 27Dec17 Sunset 23Dec17 Sunset20Dec17

2017 Gold Coast Trip (01 Oct~03 Oct 2017)

Beach Rainbow Lorikeets Miners came to eat together. Flowers and Nature Sydney Harbour View from Aeroplane

New Year’s Day Morning 2018

Meadowbank riverside on the 1st Jan 2018