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Retro Cafe

Beautiful Retro Cafe with flowers The cafe in my local has a very warm retro atmosphere both inside and outside. Coffee in Style There are fresh flowers and dried flowers outside

Japanese Restaurant

Japanese drink party set in Japanese Restaurant The end of the year people have a lot of parties, with friends, colleagues, and family. Some restaurant offer party set menu.

Hainanese Chicken

Very yummy Hainanese Chicken

Some Japanese Food with Drink

Good combination, Japanese Food and Japanese Drinks Sashimi and Sake Yakitori and Japanese Black Beer

Coffee and Coffee Cake

All coffee flavours! Very nice cappuccino and coffee flavoured roll cake. Both coffee. So good.

Simple Cafe Dinner

Cafe’s meal, simple but well prepred The retro cafe near my place started serving some meals, too. They are prepared very careful and taste so delicious. Grilled Salmon Stemed Veges Dessert and coffee

Sashimi – Japanese delicacy

Big Fresh Sashimi plate. Tastes heaven! This Japanese restaurant in the city has variety of fresh sashimi set. Quality is very high. With other dishes Beautiful sake selection

Sake, Veges…..

Just practicing to take photos in the room light It’s much harder than using natural sun light. This sake bottle is a very good one. I took two different places but both inside. And some capsicums.

Retro Cafe’s Antiques

Neighbour cafe has really the atmosphere.Very retro! This cafe is really amazing. I wonder how they collected all those antiques. Simple food was nice, too.

Cute Coffee

This is The Cute Coffee I just asked “cute” one. Then this one turned up 🙂