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Retro Cafe

At a Retro Cafe Inside At a open window seat

iPhone5 Photos (Flowers and Cafe)

Some flowers and from cafes Flowers Chocolate Heart In the cafe

Japanese Restaurant

Newly Opened Japanese Restaurant in Sydney Seafood Set Japanese Room Pictures on the wall

Retro Cafe

Coffee in Retro Art Cafes Cafe Once Upon a Time My Sweet Memory

Retro cafe

Retro Cafe’s decorations Cafe Once upon a Time Cafe Once Upon a Time My Sweet Memory

Birthday Cake with Squirrel

My boy’s birthday cake with cute squirrel It’s a chocolate banana cake 🍌

Lemonade in the Retro cafe

Young Cormorant was drying its wings on the pole. Sort of comical 🙂

Phone Shot

Shot by iPhone5 Sydney QVB Sydney Town Hall Cafe Once Upon a Time

Japanese Plum Wine

Souvenir From Japan, plum wine and chocolate

Cafe Once Upon a Time

Retro Cafe – Once Upon a time Garden Cafe Inside