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Christmas Treats

Only less than three months for Christmas. Shops are already in Christmas mood once October starts. I already found a lot of Christmas treats. Christmas cakes are different from country to country, culture to culture. My image for Christmas cake is fluffy sponge covered with whipped fresh cream and some strawberries to decorate. It’s from… Read more »

Chocolate Art

I love Chocolate. I think everyone does, except for someone with chocolate allergy. Good reason to eat chocolate (for me). Chocolate makes you happy Chocolate is very yummy Chocolate gives you energy Seriously chocolate is very good for you health-wise.  –>11 Reasons Chocolate Is Good for Your Health Chocolate I Had Recently From a local… Read more »

Coffee Art

I love smell of coffee. I love taste of coffee. And I love to look at coffee art. Nicely brewed coffee gives me happiness in the morning. To make nice coffee: Coffee beans are very important. How to roast coffee beans is also very important.  Wood roasted coffee is excellent – wood roasted coffee takes… Read more »