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Angel Coffee

Pretty coffee art at Cafe Once Upon a Time

Wedding Flowers

Pretty flower arrangement in the glass There was a wedding reception at a museum’s reception hall. People were dancing. Beautiful flower bouquet was decorated in the glass. I found it was ver pretty. From a distance I took this photo. At MCA, Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art

Rosy Coffee

Beautiful coffee art Cafe Once Upon a Time serves very good coffee, too.

Sydney’s Old Pub

“The Hero of Waterloo”, Rocks, Sydney This is 170 years old pub. With old sandstone walls and original furniture, they try to reserve how it was like at that time. Australia is a relatively new country (compared to European and some Asian countries). 170 years ago was in early convicts and Bushranger (like Ned Kelly)… Read more »

Upside-Down Piano

Old piano hanging from the ceiling This fashionable beachside cafe had a big piano hanging from the top. It was a bit of a surprise.

Golden Time of Water

Amazing Gold Colour in the rever It was early in the evening. Evening sun made golden ribbons and meshes in the water. So beautiful.

Cafe Once Upon A Time with books

Some interesting books with coffee Recently I get some nice bird goods. This time some books. A notebook with 1959’s Reders Digest’s Cover, and a free magazine from a fashion boutique. There is a bird like mine in the book! At Cafe Once Upon a Time

Little finger puppet Cockatoo

Little finger puppet cockatoo in the sun This tiny finger puppet was given as a gift. Very cute. Put under the sun for sunbathing.

More from Cafe Once Upon a Time

More scene from Care Once Upon a Time Wherever you look at, this retro cafe always show us more amazing aspects.


There is a graffiti in the strange place This pirate’s type graffiti was on the side of the railway bridge. I don’t know how people can do in such a place.