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iPhone5 Photos (Flowers and Cafe)

Some flowers and from cafes Flowers Chocolate Heart In the cafe

Morning Dew Drops

Beatuiful drops on the field grass

Japanese Restaurant

Newly Opened Japanese Restaurant in Sydney Seafood Set Japanese Room Pictures on the wall

Stature at QVB

Stature on the Queen Victoria Building, Sydney Eastside Westside

Retro Cafe

Coffee in Retro Art Cafes Cafe Once Upon a Time My Sweet Memory

St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney

St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney Main View Side Wall Back Entrance

Retro cafe

Retro Cafe’s decorations Cafe Once upon a Time Cafe Once Upon a Time My Sweet Memory


Christ Church St Laurence

Festive Season

Mardi Gras and Chinese New Year Some light display in front of Sydney Custom House Bamboo for Chinese New Year

Moon Bird Art

Morning moon with bird silhouette