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Retro Cafe

Coffee in Antiques

Hand-made Dried Flowers

Dried Flowers – roses In the office, my boss next to me had red roses on her desk. She started pulling off the flowers from the vase and laid them on the desk one by one. I wondered what she was doing. Days went by and they became pretty nice dried flowers and she wrapped… Read more »

Fence and Flower

Fence and Flowers

Pressed Flower Cookie

Edible pressed flower on the cookie

Retro Cafe

Retro cafes Cafe Once Upon a Time My Sweet Memory Element Six

Autumn Colours here in Sydney

Vivid colored Autumn leaves

Shirakawa-go, Gifu (14-15 April 2017)

Beautiful Gassho-zukuri Town Shirakawa-go Video

Some iPhone Shots

Some photos from the phone Flowers Heart Chocolate Cafe

Retro Cafe

At a Retro Cafe Inside At a open window seat


A single feather on the Grevillea flowers