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Amazing Cafe Restaurant

This cafe restaurant open from morning to late at night. It’s on the side road of Fremantle. In the morning it’s a cafe. They bake wood fire bread. Very tasty. Whole day people enjoy brunch, coffee, and tasty bread. At night it’s like a fashionable bar. But the most amazing thing is this building. It… Read more »

Fremantle, Western Australia

Fremantle is a small fishing harbor town, south of Perth, Western Australia. Whole the town keeps old atmosphere with Dutch architecture. I really like this town. Beachs Sunset Runrise Architecture Old Railway Track From the top of War Memorial

Statues at Night

Those statues are just outside of our local supermarket. They had been in the protective fence so long time. Finally the fence was removed and they were lit up at night recently. I thought it was very nice. But….. yesterday a security guard told me there were a couple of accidents with those statues since… Read more »

Chinese Garden of Friendship

There is a beautiful Chinese Garden in the central Sydney. I hadn’t been there for more than 10 years. So I decided to go there to take some photos (with my usual little camera, but definitely with tripod this time). I wanted to go there a bit darker time but they close before getting dark…. Read more »

Pair Snails

I went to see snails in the city again. There are actually a couple of pairs. They stay close each other. They reminded me of my budgies. They are not too close but close enough to recognize each other. Yellow Pair Blue Pair

Beauty of Electric Candles

I like candles. Of course real ones are the real beauty in the dark. Recently there a all different type of electric candles (I mean, shape like candles but battery operated). Some of them are quite artistic. They are not too bad occasionally. They are reusable and they don’t turn off while we are still… Read more »

Huge Colorful Snails

There are huge snails in the city now! Sydney council set up a total of 24 colorized snail sculptures, which are made from recycled plastic, in different locations in downtown Sydney. I missed the huge duck about a half year ago, so this time I went to check straight away. I found 5 of them… Read more »