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Owls in Owl Cafe, Japan (11 April 2017)

Owls in Owl Cafe in Tokyo Japan l

Cherry Blossoms and Birds (10 April – 15 April 2017)

Young Cormorant was drying its wings on the pole. Sort of comical 🙂 Cherry blossoms and Brown-eared bulbul Cherry Blossoms and Sparrow

Ducking in the Easter Event

Pretty Ducking with a rabbit

Onion Weeds and Bee

Onion Weeds and Bee


Cute cockatoos on the road

Little Butterflies

Little butterflies on Plumbago leaves


A single feather on the Grevillea flowers

Bee and Water Primrose

Bee on the water primrose flower

Pet Parrot

Indian Ringneck Parrot, Blue

Lorikeet and bottlebrush flowers

Colourful rainbow lorikeet eating bottlebrush flowers