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Jacaranda and Birds

Jacaranda season with a lot of birds (superb fairy-wren, Noisy miner, Indian Mynah, New Holland Honey Eater, etc) 11 November 2017

Bird in the neighbour

Indian Mynah Seagull Magpie pigeons Rainbow Lorikeet with gum flowers Seagull

Parrots (Blue and Melon)

Blue Melon

Holiday Greetings 2017~2018

Merry Christmas Happy New Year Holiday Greeting


Indian Mynas and Noisy Miners

2017 Gold Coast Trip (01 Oct~03 Oct 2017)

Beach Rainbow Lorikeets Miners came to eat together. Flowers and Nature Sydney Harbour View from Aeroplane


Rainbow Lorikeet on the fence

Parrots (Indian Ringneck Parrot)

We had a new baby parrot on 29 November. Now there are blue parrot and yellow parrot.