Flower Bouquet

I found a beautiful white flower bouquet.  On the same tree, only this bunch was full bloomed. All others were still buds.  Mystery for me.

“Each flower is a soul opening out to nature” by Gerard De Nerval


Starting the Blog

My first day for the first post.  I am fascinated to see how many beautiful things we are surrounded with.  I did not notice (or did not care about) the fact until I learned how to take photos about half year ago.   “How to take photos”….. just push the button…..that was all what I knew.  The very basic knowledge helped me how to take better photos even just with my small compact camera.  It’s so small that I can carry everywhere in my bag and whenever I see beautiful things I can capture them.

Light and Shadow

“A photographer paints with light, isn’t he?” by Jeroen Spaan