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Golden dewdrop Yellow hibiscus Plumbago

Jacaranda and Birds

Jacaranda season with a lot of birds (superb fairy-wren, Noisy miner, Indian Mynah, New Holland Honey Eater, etc) 11 November 2017


Before Sunrise, nearby riverside

St Andrew’s Cathedral

St Andrew’s Cathedral, Town Hall Sydney

Night City

Sydney at night Circular Quay Town Hall before Christmas

Cafe, Day and Night

With day light Night Care

Food and Art

Flower Omelette. Japanese Thai

Hot Day’s Drinks

On the 7 Jan 2018 the temperature hit 47.3 in the west of Sydney Some cool drinks BOMBAY SAPPHIRE LEMON & THYME TWIST Beer

Jacaranda and Sydney

Bird in the neighbour

Indian Mynah Seagull Magpie pigeons Rainbow Lorikeet with gum flowers Seagull